Welcome to the property

Discover our history and know-how

Welcome to our family property, witness of the wine and oyster tradition in Arvert Peninsula, you will discover our history and know-how.

Discovery of the cognac's cellar

Visit for free

Unique in the Arvert peninsula, the Charentais copper still and the ageing cellar are open to the visit. You will get a full explanation of the way of making Cognac and the famous Pineaux des Charentes.

This 15 minutes visit is completed with documentation and ends with the tasting.

You taste our wines, pineau and cognac! This is a valuable opportunity for dialogue and discovering the aromatic specificity of each one of our products.

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 Du terroir au chai ...

detailed tour

Come and visit our vineyard overlooking river Seudre; learn all about our terroir and fascinating job.

The winegrower will be your guide. He will lead you through the domain, explain all there is to know about vinification, Cognac, Pineau production methods and aging processing within our ageing cellar.

To finish, delight your senses with the tasting of our different products.

The visit last 1 hour - Booking only
Price adult : 6 € ; Children (from 8 to 17 years old): 3 €.
From 8 registered persons ( mixed with other persons); in July and august , visit twice a week..