Wine making and distillation

Cognac making process

The double distillation or « distillation à repasse » gives uniqueness to the eau de vie :

  • The still has a big onion-shape extended by the swan's neck.
  • The eau de vie of Cognac is collected in an oak barrel.

At the Domaine des Claires, the distillation is carried out from mid-November to mid-January, two months experiencing the rhythm of heaters and odours.

Maturation in barrels

Maturation in oak barrels begins immediately after distillation :

  • The balance between moisture and dryness in the winery allows the eau de vie to become soft.
  • The « angels’ share », natural evaporation allows concentration of aromas.

The eau de vie matures for up to thirty years in our cellars.

Tasting and blending time

  • All barrels are tasted to evaluate their potential.
  • The art of blending is the subtle association of flavours.