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Prawns braised singed in Cognac

Preparation : 10 mn / Cooking: 10 mn Ingredients for 3 people : 6 small wooden skewers 42 large prawns (approximately 800 g) Cognac (3 cm at the bottom of a normal glass) 3 spoons of “lobster bisque” 3 soup spoons of sour cream 1 soup spoon of tomato puree thyme and butter Melt the… Read more »

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Cognac Summit

Ingredients : 4 cl of Cognac VSOP 4 fine small strips of ginger 1 green lemon peel 6 cl from lemonade 4 to 6 ice cubes Place green lemon peel and four fine small strips of ginger in the glass. Pour 4 cl of Cognac VSOP. Crush slightly by means of a pestle. Fill the… Read more »

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The “Cognac-Schweppes”

Ingredients : 2 cl of Cognac 6 cl of tonic (= Schweppes) Mix the cocktail directly in the glass. Pour the tonic then the Cognac into the glass containing some big ice cubes. Mix and serve. Serve in a glass of type ” tumbler “. Better known under the name of “Cognac Schweppes”, it is… Read more »

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