Red Pineau
des Charentes

Intense red fruits hints!

Grape variety

50% Merlot, 50% Cabernet Franc (Grape juice)
100% Ugni-Blanc (Eau-de-vie for blending)


To the eye: Red color with orange lights.
To the nose: Hints of cherries in brandy. Prune, flower and almond aromas.
In the mouth: Very clear attack. Generous and intense mouth.

About technics

Buds and leaves removal done on the vine in order to obtain healthy well ripe grapes. Protection from oxidation during harvesting, sorting, 24 hours skin-contact maceration and raking.
Mutage made with 1/4 of Cognac eau-de-vie.
Aged at least 24 month in wooden tun.

Our tips…

Serve it fresh, as an aperitif. It is also excellent with melon, shrimps and chocolate desserts.
Thanks to Cognac eau-de-vie you can keep it several years.
Store it stand !

How to buy ?