Red Pineau
des Charentes

Intense red fruits hints!

Grape variety

62% Merlot (Grape juice)

38% Cabernet Franc (Grape juice)

100% Ugni-Blanc (Eau-de-vie for blending)


To the eye: cherry colour with ruby tints.

To the nose: Nose on red fruit: blackcurrant, cherry and rhubarb.

On the palate: straightforward attack, sweet mouth on with notes of red berries.

About technics

Vines disbudded then stripped to obtain healthy grapes with good maturity. Protection from oxidation during harvest, 24h skin maceration and settling. Mutage with  ¼ d’eau de vie de Cognac. Aging 2 years in large volume oak casks.

Our tips…

Serve it fresh, as an aperitif. It is also excellent with melon, shrimps and chocolate desserts.
Thanks to Cognac eau-de-vie you can keep it several years.
Store it stand !

How to buy ?