Sweet rosé Cabernet franc

2017 vintage - A sweet and fruity rosé for food lover !

2018 Independant Winegrowers’s contest Silver Medal

Grape variety :

Cabernet Franc
One of the oldest red grape variety from Bordeaux and Loire, it brings complexity and vivacity.


To the eye: Pale salmon colour.
To the nose: Fresh aromas of red fruit, strawberry and goosberry.
In the mouth: Light and fresh, with a great roundness and well-balanced.

About technics

Direct pressing, low tempered fermentation (14-15°), optimal protection from oxydation during all winemaking process, fermentation stopped at 15 g/L of residual sugar, short aging (2 months) on fine lees.

Our tips…

A friendly wine to drink fresh, in 2017 or 2018.
Serve it as an aperitif, during your summer meal or pair it with desserts, ice cream and sorbet…

How to buy ?