des Charentes Eclat de Grenat

Divine nectar, this pineau is elaborate only on exceptional vintage

Grape variety :

100% Merlot (Grape juice)
100% Ugni-Blanc (Ugni-Blanc)


To the eye: Dark garnet-red colour with purplish lights.
To the nose: Blackcurrants, blackberries and jam notes.
In the mouth: Very sensual attack on the blackcurrant, generous and intense mouth with velvety-smooth tanins. A beautiful long final.

About technics

Buds and leaves removal done on the vine to obtain healthy grapes. Very healthy and ripened harvest. Sorting, de-stemming and crushing, 4 days skin contact maceration. Straight at the beginning of the fermentation, fortification with eau-de-vie of cognac (1/4), skin contact maceration for another 24h.

Aged at least 24 months in wooden tun.

Our tips…

Serve it fresh, as an aperitif or pair it with  fig foie-gras, chocolate fondant.
Thanks to Cognac’s eau-de-vie you can keep it several years.

Store it stand !

How to buy ?